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Posted: 10/02/2013

Vermont Hiking Information

No other resource takes the place of an up-to-date map!  Trails change and mapping technology improves, so even a map that is 5 years old may misinform you.  We always recommend bringing a current map of the area you will hike along with your other hiking gear and clothing basics.  Click here to browse GMC's online store for other guidebooks, maps, and gear!


Mountain Point Forecast gives you real-time weather reports on Vermont Peaks. 

As frequent rain and storms pass through and drench Vermont sometimes, there can be a lot of water out there with no place to go.  While hiking trails do not close unless there is storm damage or during Mud Season, stream crossings can be high but should recede fairly quickly as weather dries out.  Please be careful out there and only cross streams where you are confident of your safety. To read some stream fording guidelines, click here.

Trail Updates

The Green Mountain Club will periodically update this page with information it has gathered.  We will also include crowd-sourced information about trail conditions and other relevant information. 

The Green Mountain Club encourages hikers to share their trail observances with the club either by emailing GMC's Visitor Center here or Dave Hardy, director of trail programs, here, Facebook, or Twitter.  Please be aware that all such trail updates sent to the club may be used by the club and publicized on this page with the source sited.

Portions of the Long Trail that are closed:

  • Shrewsbury: The Long Trail/Appalachian Trail in Shrewsbury between (Upper) Cold River Road and Governor Clement Road is closed with a roadwalk detour (see below).  The trail between Lower and Upper Cold River Roads has been repaired and is reopened.  The new detour is now:
    NORTHBOUND: At Upper Cold River Road follow road west to Gilman Road; follow Gilman Road north to Gov Clement Road; follow Gov Clement Road east to washed out bridge and turn left onto LT/AT north just before the wash out. This bridge will be replaced in July 2014.
    SOUTHBOUND: At Gov Clement Road and washed out bridge follow Gov Clement Road west to Gilman Road; follow Gilman Road south to Upper Cold River Road; follow Upper Cold River Road east to footpath; turn right onto LT/AT south. Proceed to Massachusetts or Georgia.
  • "Spruce Peak South" is listed on the USFS website as CLOSED is referring to the snowmobile trail only. The hiking trail (the Long Trail) is open.
  • The privy at Sucker Brook Shelter was destroyed when a tree fell on it in July 2014.  It will be rebuilt in the future.
  • Tucker Johnson Shelter burned down and has not been rebuilt.
  • Boyce Shleter has been closed by the US Forest Service.

The Long Trail System side trails that remain officially closed are:

  • Old Job Trail is CLOSED from Forest Road 30 to the Lake Brook Bridge due to damage from tropical storm Irene.  Thus, the trail is open to Old Job Shelter between the Long Trail (south of Forest Road 10) to FR 30 and closed nearly to Griffith Lake.
  • Homer Stone Brook Trail is listed on the USFS website as CLOSED is referring to the snowmobile trail only. The hiking trail is open.
  • The North Shore Trail at Stratton Pond is temporarily closed due to flooding.
  • The Lye Brook Trail between Stratton and Bourn Ponds is challenging and requires map and compass skills to navigate

Road Closure UPDATE:

  • Kelly Stand Road is now OPEN completely from both the Arlington and Stratton sides.

Portions of the Appalachian Trail are closed with marked detours:

  • Sargent Brook Bridge, near Gov. Clement Shelter, is out and fording is required


  • The Jonesville Post Office located on Rt. 2 just off the Long Trail has changed its window hours starting in 2013.  The window is now open from 8-10am and 3-5pm, M-F and 8-10:30am on Saturday.  Unfortunately, this change took place after the printing of the most recent End-to-Enders guide. Hikers expecting to pick up packages at that location should be aware of this change.
  • A new grocery store, Sterling Market, has opened in Johnson, Vt. in the same location as the old Grand Union.  This store is 2.5 miles along Route 15 from the Long Trail parking lot and about 2 miles from West Settlement Road. Also in Johnson, the Long Trail Tavern has reopened in the same location (across from the Route 15 and Hogback Road junction).
  • The beaver dam on the Long Trail south of Taylor Lodge has flooded the trail.  Be very careful.
  • The Stony Brook Bridge along the Appalachian Trail has been replaced

  • The Awesome View Hikers’ Hostel in Johnson has permanently closed.
  • The Mad River Barn opened. It has 16 guest rooms, 2 hostel rooms and is located at the base of Appalachian Gap Route 17, with easy access to the Long Trail
  • A recent September 2014 storm dropped many mature maple trees across the LT/AT a mile south of US Route 4. Parts of the treadway have been uprooted. A walk-around has been flagged and crews will chip away at cutting through the blowdowns through the fall season. Use caution or consider following the Sherburne Pass Trail across Route 4 as a detour.

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